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Meet The Senior Decision Makers From E&Ps With Job Titles Including:

CEO’s, MD’s, CTO’s, CIO’s, COO’s plus
VPs, Heads, Directors, Managers, Superintendents, Engineers, Foremans, Specialists, Advisors, Scientists in...

  • Drilling 
  • Completions 
  • Automation 
  • Environment 
  • IT 
  • Operations 
  • I&E 
  • Production 
  • Artificial Lift 
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • VP Operations
  • Asset Lead
  • Innovation
  • Process Control/Control Systems 
  • Subsurface
  • Process Engineering
  • Instrumentation/Measurement
  • Data Science/Analytics/Mapping
  • Geoscience
  • Digitalization/Digital Transformation/Optimization
  • Asset Optimization

Meet Leading Technology & Service Providers In:

  • IIoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning 
  • Directional Drilling Technology
  • Engineering Simulators 
  • Optimizing Down Hole Tools
  • Rig Machinery
  • Computer Modeling For D&C 
  • HPHT Deep Well Engineering Support
  • Extended Reach Drilling Experts
  • Frac Fleet Service Providers
  • Interventionless Completions
  • General Completions Tech
  • Fracture Mapping
  • Hardware 
  • Monitoring Emissions
  • Smart Cameras
  • Satellite Technology
  • Fluid Measurement
  • Communication Systems 
  • Data Analytics


"I want to hear what operators think about these new drilling tools and completion techniques...
and whether they are worth the investment"

Senior Completions Engineer, Leading U.S. E&P Company

Following extensive consultations with E&Ps and Service Providers across North America, the Onshore Horizontal Drilling & Completions, Innovation & Automation Congress returns to meet a pressing industry need. 

There have been major technological breakthroughs in both onshore drilling and completions. Drillers see much promise in Rig Automation, Rotary Steerable Systems, High Performance Mud Motors & Coil Tubing innovations to name only a few recent advances. In the Completions space, Dual Fuel Fleets, Electric Frac Fleets, Simul Frac, Extended Reach Drilling, Extreme Limited Entry Perforation & more have all been championed. 

But what are the innovations that are truly going to make the difference in 2022? What drilling tools will optimize ROP and reduce performance variance and rig time? What new completion techniques can maximize EUR and minimize the completion cycle time? 

Our Congress is uniquely placed to assist due to our unwavering commitment to provide a platform for operators to benchmark against one another and hear new, long term, multi-basin data sets on the biggest disruptive technologies in drilling and completions to help you conclude when to commit to new drilling tools or new completion techniques and in what circumstances they will be commercially viable.

“What is bringing value, what technologies are both lowering costs and increasing recovered reserves?”

Vice President of Drilling, Top North American E&P

As the global economy recovers, keeping a tight rein on capital expenses has never been more important. Day One will help you assess the economic viability of the latest disruptive technology in drilling as well as their capabilities to further ESG strategy.

  • Addressing The Current And Future Potential Of Drilling Automation To Enhance Wellbore Quality & Onsite Safety
  • Assessing How To Cost Effectively Meet ESG Goals Through Emission Trackers And Alternative Fuel For Drilling Rigs 
  • Evaluating The Commercial Viability Of ERD Strategies And Showcasing The Innovations Making ERD Possible 
  • Optimising The Reliability, Quality & Efficiency Of Directional Drilling

“Completions are the most money intensive phase of well construction. What can we do to shorten the completion cycle?”
VP Completions, Leading North American Upstream Company

Day 2 will focus on the latest innovations in Completions. Not only exploring the technical possibilities of these new techniques but also assessing the role they can play in economic and environmental strategy in 2022. 

  • Addressing Manpower Shortages While Improving Diagnostics & Asset Performance Through Automation
  • Migrating To Dual Fuel & Electric Frac Fleets To Hit ESG Targets 
  • Assessing Whether Simultaneous Fracturing Is A Commercially Viable, Multi-Basin Solution 
  • Optimizing Perforation Strategies To Reduce Total Completion Cycle Time

"The topic at the forefront of my mind is Automation in the Completions space"
VP Drilling & Completions, Leading Permian Based Operator

Choose to Attend In-Person Or Access Online Via Live Streaming
(With Connection Opportunities to the Live Audience)

For the first time ever we will be utilizing an innovative Hybrid Model. Giving you the choice to attend in person or virtually using our state of the art Live Stream technology.

In Person Networking!

After such a long wait to get back in the same room as your peers. Enjoy our Evening Drinks Reception, Live Exhibitor Showcases and those chance encounters that spread ideas and build partnerships.

Never Miss A Moment With Our Virtual Platform

Our tried and tested Live Stream Technology means you can interact with our entire 3-Day Event from the comfort of your home. Never miss an insight with the ability to play back any event. And network virtually, meet like-minded peers with our themed chat rooms or invite specific attendees to your own custom-made meeting room.

Book Now To Hear End Users Share Their Challenges And Successes So You Can Fully Harness Drilling & Completions Innovation & Automation In 2022



Day 1 - Sharing Best Practices On Adopting New Drilling Technology

Rig Automation, Rotary Steerable Systems, High Performance Mud Motors & Coil Tubing Innovations
To  Increase Wellbore Quality & Safety While Reducing Carbon Intensity & The Cost Of Reservoir Access 

  • Automating The Drilling Rig - Enhancing Wellbore Stability & Onsite Safety While Reducing Performance Variance & Downtime
  • Cost Effectively Reducing The Environmental Footprint Of Drilling
  • Extra Long Lateral Drilling - Investigating The Commercial Viability Of New Technologies
  • Optimizing Quality, Reliability & Efficiency Of Directional Drilling

Day 2 - Harnessing Automation & Disruptive Technology In Completions

Citizen Development, Dual Fuel/Electric Frac Fleets, Simul Frac, Extended Horizontal Reach Drilling & Extreme Limited Entry Treatments To Maximize EUR & Minimize Environmental Costs

  • Improving Diagnostics & Asset Performance Through Automation
  • New Practical Ways For Completions Teams To Meet & Surpass ESG Targets: Lower Your Carbon Footprint & Long Term Operational Expenditure
  • Simultaneous Fracturing
  • Optimizing Perforation Strategies - New Data Sets Demonstrating The Effectiveness Of Limited Entry Treatments
  • Reducing Total Completion Cycle Time
  • 2022 & Beyond - Overcoming Present Challenges To Seize Future Opportunities

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